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Peaches Sits Down with Tobin Esperance of Papa Roach

peaches  ·  June 21, 2022

Peaches sat down with Tobin Esperance, the bassist of Papa Roach, to discuss their upcoming show at the Portneuf Health Trust Amphitheater in Pocatello, their new album Ego Trip, and their newest music video for their song “No Apologies.” Hope you enjoy!     Read More

Doggface208 joins the Noon Hour of Madness & Mayhem Powered By Mackenzie River Pizza of Idaho Falls

peaches  ·  June 15, 2022

Viral sensation and TikTok star Doggface208 (Nathan Apodaca) who was born and raised right here in East Idaho talked to Viktor and Peaches about his rising stardom, making music with Snoop Dogg and Cheech and Chong, and shared some Tiktok tips for content creation! This is the entirety of the conversation with Doggface208 on the […] Read More

Viktor Wilt Interviews Adam Reader aka the Professor of Rock

viktor  ·  June 4, 2022

  Viktor had the opportunity to talk to Adam Reader aka the Professor of Rock who has done almost 700 interviews with rock artists and has over 500K subscribers on YouTube. The duo talked about their small town backgrounds, which artists or actors made the Professor nervous, and how to make an interview interesting. The […] Read More

Viktor Wilt interviews Martin Persner of MCC [Magna Carta Cartel]

viktor  ·  May 6, 2022

Had the opportunity to sit down and chat with one of my favorite guitarists, the frontman of MCC [Magna Carta Cartel], Martin Persner. We discuss the upcoming new album “The Dying Option” which hits stores on June 10th, the new single “Silence” and the music video that accompanies it, and many other topics. You may […] Read More

Viktor Wilt interviews Martin Persner from Magna Carta Cartel (PART ONE)

viktor  ·  April 29, 2022

I had a GREAT long chat with one of my favorite musicians this week, guitarist and frontman of Magna Carta Cartel, Martin Persner. Now, you listeners know how crazy it was around here the last few days, so I sadly didn’t have time to get all of it produced. But, I wanted to give you […] Read More

Peaches Interview with Kyle Pfeiffer of BlackLite District

peaches  ·  April 14, 2022

Peaches Interviewing Kyle Pfeiffer of BlackLite District (03/09/2022) – Talking about how Kyle found his start, his YouTube music videos tied with Minecraft, and how he drove with a broken hip. Hope you enjoy it!   Read More

Peaches Interview With Bryan Kuznitz of Fame on Fire

peaches  ·  April 14, 2022

Peaches Interviewing Bryan Kuznitz from Fame on Fire (3/29/2022) – Bryan was on the road on a major tour with the band still asleep behind him. We talked about how they aren’t a cover band, how they come up with their music, and how TikTok is the future. Hope you enjoy it! Read More

April Fools! Viktor’s NOT leaving!

peaches  ·  April 4, 2022

Shout out to all the listeners that called in throughout the day that were wanting to give Viktor kind words on his “last day.” It was a last minute joke that we didn’t think would be actually taken seriously by some of the listeners and I went ahead and put a little compilation together of […] Read More

KBear Chaos Trivia Powered by Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill 03-30-22 Jessie v. Gavin

jade  ·  March 30, 2022

Phyllis hosts a weekly game with Tony from Cannonball 101, called “KBear Chaos Trivia” powered by Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill every Wednesday at around 4:45p. The rules of the game are easy, there are two people on the phone playing against each other, Phyllis asks simple trivia questions and the players have to shout […] Read More

Viktor Wilt interviews Tobias Forge from Ghost

viktor  ·  March 29, 2022

Tobias Forge from Ghost called in today and chatted with Viktor Wilt about the band’s new album Impera, an upcoming US tour, the ghoul’s new outfits, Impera’s artwork, the next radio single and a planned trilogy of music videos, as well as working with members of Opeth and if there is any possibility of the […] Read More

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