All about that bass: Korn’s Fieldy announces new album, “Bassically”

All about that bass: Korn's Fieldy announces new album, Sergione Infuso/Corbis via Getty Images Korn's Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu has announced a new solo album showcasing his bass-playing skills. The album, punnily titled Bassically, will be released November 17. "This is a bass album that encompasses the last nine years of my life on the road recording with a variety of special and unique basses," says Fieldy. "This project features recordings of mine from dressing rooms, tour buses, hotel rooms and other unique locations playing on basses just as obscure as the locations." You can pre-order Bassically now via Meanwhile, Fieldy is back on the road with Korn after dropping off the band's South American tour earlier this year due to "unforeseen circumstances." For the trip, bass duties were handled by Tye Trujillo, the 12-year-old son of Metallica's Robert Trujillo. Copyright © 2017, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.