Andy Black tells his origin story & explores the "dichotomy of being home" in "The Ghost of Ohio"

Credit: Josh ShultzBlack Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack‘s new album The Ghost of Ohio, his second effort under his Andy Black solo moniker, is out today. As Biersack tells ABC Radio, the album, which will be accompanied by a comic book of the same name, explores the “dichotomy of being home,” and reflects on his own experience returning to his hometown of Cincinnati.

“All the worst things in your life happened there,” Biersack says. “All the best things happened, like your family and your friends and all that stuff, but, also, having things thrown at you on your way to school or people saying mean stuff to you…that all exists there, too.”

Compared to Black Veil Brides’ music, which is full of grand and fantastical imagery, The Ghost of Ohio is much less metaphorical and more down-to-earth. Biersack felt that the “Let’s go into battle together!” vibe of Black Veil didn’t fit with Ohio‘s personal nature.

“Nobody’s gonna be able to tell you more about me than me,” Biersack explains. “But if I’m masking all that in metaphors and stylistic choices that are trying to make me seem like the leader of some military, then that’s not exactly as genuine as I can be.”

“That doesn’t take away from my Black Veil stuff and it doesn’t mean that I don’t believe every word that I said in those songs,” he continues. “It just means that I wanted to get more to the root of who I am [with The Ghost of Ohio].”

Biersack likens Black Veil Brides to a superhero alter-ego, the Hulk to Andy Black’s Bruce Banner. Ironically, his Banner is the one who gets the comic book.

“[It’s] all about personal introspection…a character that doesn’t have a bunch of super-powers,” Biersack says of the book.

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