Bring Me the Horizon details “absolutely mental” “Amo” collaboration

Bring Me the Horizon details Credit: Danny Baldwin Bring Me the Horizon's upcoming album Amo features an unexpected collaboration with Grimes. The indie pop artist guests on a track called "Nihilist Blues," which keyboardist Jordan Fish calls a "dark rave song." "It's absolutely mental," Fish tells Kerrang!. "It might be my favorite on the whole album." Working with Grimes, Fish explains, was a very collaborative process. "We're big fans of Grimes and she loved the song," Fish says. "She actually sent it back with all these added elements which we weren't expecting, but she’s super-creative and she'd completely gone to town on it. That elevated the song to a whole new level." "She's someone we respect, and not really someone you'd expect to find working with a metal band," he continues. "Or a rock band. Or whatever it is we are." Fish adds that "Nihilist Blues" is "very different in sound" from past Horizon material, and he expects it will confuse some listeners. "I'm sure people will hear it and go, 'What the f***?!' but whatever," he says. Amo also features the previously released single "Mantra" and the new song "Wonderful Life." It arrives January 25. Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.