Corey Taylor is not a fan of Justin Bieber’s “pseudo-metal t-shirts”

Corey Taylor is not a fan of Justin Bieber's Dave Simpson/WireImage For his Purpose tour last year, Justin Bieber unveiled special merch that featured a font very familiar to metalheads everywhere.  You can count actual metalhead Corey Talor as someone who isn't a fan of what he calls "pseudo-metal t-shirts." "[Bieber] can kiss my a**," the Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman says in a piece written for The Guardian. In the piece, Taylor's Bieber scorn is part of a larger point he makes about the appropriation of metal culture. "You're seeing grandmas in Slipknot shirts. It's really weird," says Taylor. "It makes it easier for me to blend in, which I am completely happy to do; you get tired of the stares after a while." "But punk and metallers take 'fascist' imagery like shaved heads and black clothing and divorce it from racism and nationalism, to make a statement about disaffection," he continues. "You’re now seeing people like [so-called alt-right figure] Richard Spencer, who are not only appropriating the imagery of nationalism, but also the rhetoric." "The anger, the racism of it. It worries me." Copyright © 2017, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.