Danny Worsnop breaks down the sounds of "Shades of Blue," learns to ignore the haters

Sumerian RecordsLast week, Asking Alexandria frontman Danny Worsnop announced the details of his sophmore solo album Shades of Blue and released his new single, the bluesy rocker “Best Bad Habit.” Shades of Blue follows Worsnop’s solo debut, 2017’s The Long Road Home, which saw him shift from his metal and hard rock roots to the world of country music.

Speaking to Kerrang!, Worsnop describes what we can expect from Shades of Blue.

“People have been asking me recently if it’s another country record,” Worsnop says. “In places, yes it is, but it’s also a blues record, a rock record, a funk record and a soul record.”

“It is, in its purest form, a Danny Worsnop record, he continues. “It’s not the sound of a particular genre — it’s the sound of a particular artist.”

Worsnop accepts the fact that a certain segment of his fan base will reject Shades of Blue out of hand for not being “heavy” enough, but he now realizes he doesn’t have to engage with them.

“I used to fall for it and feed into it, but in the end [my fiancée] Victoria sat me down and said, ‘You’ve got to stop replying to those people, because you’re just encouraging them,'” Worsnop says. “At this point I have nothing to say to those people.”

Shades of Blue is due out May 10.

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