Greta Van Fleet cruises to number one with “Highway Tune”

Greta Van Fleet cruises to number one with Credit: Ford Fairchild Greta Van Fleet's single "Highway Tune" has zoomed to the number-one spot on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Songs chart. It shouldn't be any surprise that the track has topped a chart based on radio airplay, since it feels tailor-made for fast driving. "It's always great when someone says, 'The best way to listen to this song is you're on the highway, you roll the top of the car down you and you just blast it,'" bassist Sam Kiszka [KISS-kah] tells ABC Radio. "So that's always fun." And yes, Kiszka has listened to "Highway Tune" while driving down the highway, though he wouldn't necessarily use his own songs as his go-to driving music. "If I'm cruising down the highway, I don't know, I'll probably listen to some 'L.A. Woman' by The Doors," he says. Of course, Kiszka feels that the music should fit the destination. "Depends if I'm going to my grandma's house or a party," he says. "If I'm going to my grandma's house, maybe some Frank Sinatra...some Dean Martin." Greta Van Fleet will open for Bob Seger tonight, September 7 in Saginaw, Michigan. The band will resume their headlining dates September 14 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Copyright © 2017, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.