Kings of Leon share video for ’Can We Please Have’ Fun song “Seen”

Capitol Records

Kings of Leon have shared a video for their song “Seen,” a track off their new album, Can We Please Have Fun.

The clip follows a spotlight hopping between different members while the rest of the band is bathed in glowing white light. You can watch it now on YouTube.

“We’ve found that the more control we take, over all aspects of the creative process, the more authentic the experience is for us and the fans,” says bassist Jared Followill. “We love seeing people’s reactions and personal interpretations of the songs. But at the end of the day, nobody knows what these songs mean, and how they should come to life, better than we do.”

He continues, “This album is our baby, and we want it presented in the way we envisioned when we wrote and recorded it.”

Can We Please Have Fun, which also includes the single “Mustang,” is out now. Kings of Leon will launch a U.S. tour in August.

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