Listen to Starset’s acoustic version of “Ricochet”

Listen to Starset's acoustic version of Credit: Steve Gullick Starset is known for elaborate sci-fi concept albums and bombastic live shows, but the band has stripped down for an acoustic version of the song "Ricochet," which you can listen to now via "The lyrics tend to have larger than life themes and metaphors, but they also have a more intimate human side -- one that the production can sometimes mask," frontman Dustin Bates tells Billboard. "For this reason, I enjoy recording 'unplugged' versions to accentuate this aspect of the songs." "In this version of 'Ricochet,' the lyrics and vocals are brought to the forefront," Bates adds. "[They're] given a more intimate stage, while still allowing the song to have a cinematic vibe -- albeit a considerably tamer one." The original "Ricochet" appears on Starset's 2017 album, Vessels, which also features the single "Monster." You can catch Starset live when they open for the upcoming Five Finger Death Punch and Shinedown's co-headlining tour, which launches May 6 in Nashville. Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.