Mike Shinoda mixes song from up-and-coming singer-songwriter after receiving Instagram DM

Credit: Anna ShinodaSometimes, DMing famous rock musicians works out.

That’s what up-and-coming artist renforshort found out when Mike Shinoda agreed to mix one of her songs.

Before all that happened, the Linkin Park vocalist/multi-instrumentalist had discovered renforshort’s song “i drive me mad” on a playlist he follows, then added it to his own public playlist, which he shared with his fans on social media.

Upon seeing that, the 18-year-old singer-songwriter sent Shinoda a DM, and the two collaborated on a new mix for “i drive me mad.”

“The dynamics of the song — the production, her voice, and the way the song speeds up into the chorus — all those things felt exciting to me,” Shinoda says. “I also connected with the lyrics, the idea that you make yourself a little crazy. I’m pretty sure she’s the first person I’ve heard use the term ‘pre-traumatic stress!'”

“The process was really cool,” renforshort adds. “Mike sent me a couple versions and we just sent notes back and forth until it was perfect! It was really cool to hear my song be given a different life completely, it’s a very strange cool thing!”

By Josh Johnson
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(Video contains uncensored profanity.)