Tremonti’s new album “A Dying Machine” tells an “emotional” story about the “anguish” of artificial intelligence

Tremonti's new album Napalm Records Tremonti's new album A Dying Machine tells a sci-fi story about a near future where "humans and fabricated beings called 'vessels' are trying to co-exist." While that may sound a lot like Westworld, frontman Mark Tremonti has never seen the hit HBO show. In fact, he's not even a big sci-fi fan and doesn't like listening to concept albums. So how did A Dying Machine even happen? "It wasn't something that ever occurred to me to do, I never had the desire to do it," Tremonti tells ABC Radio. "I always thought when I write a song, I want it to come from my heart, and how could you write a concept record that didn't feel emotional?" "But once I got into the story, I got emotional about the story," he continues. "I was singing from these different characters' points of view in the story, and I could get away with things I normally couldn't get away with singing through these other points of view." That story, Tremonti says, is about "the idea of this artificial, synthetic human being made and built to love someone." "When they're not treated like a human, they feel despair and anguish and sadness just like we would, because they're built in our likeness," he explains. To get that whole story, you'll have to listen to A Dying Machine in full. While lead single "Take You with Me," for example, seems to be an uplifting, us-against-the-world song on its own, in the context of the album it tells a much different, more violent tale about two vessels. "[The vessels go] on this pretty much eradicate human kind and make vessel-kind the new rulers of the world," Tremonti says. A Dying Machine is out today. Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.