White Reaper debuts new song “Shimmy” featuring Spiritual Cramp

Blue Grape Music

White Reaper has debuted a new song called “Shimmy,” featuring the punk band Spiritual Cramp.

“‘Shimmy’ is a song we all wrote together during the very early days of the pandemic, and for whatever reason at that time we just couldn’t crack the code on the lyrics or the arrangement,” the “Might Be Right” outfit says. “Years later, having revisited the song, it seemed clear what to add and/or subtract to get it to where we wanted it to be.”

“There’s this sort of fast-talking/singing part in the verses that felt like something that would really lend itself to [Spiritual Cramp singer Michael Bingham‘s] voice,” the group continues. “He totally crushed it.”

“Shimmy” is included on a new White Reaper/Spiritual Cramp split single, alongside the previously released joint track “Whatever You Say Man.” The release is available now via digital outlets and on vinyl.

White Reaper will play a run of shows with Spiritual Cramp in June.

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