LISTEN: KBear Chaos Trivia 5-5-21 Zack v. Toni

Phyllis, Tony from Cannonball 101 and Peaches host a weekly game called “KBear Chaos Trivia” every Wednesday at around 4:45p (NEW TIME). The rules of the game are easy, there are two people on the phone playing against each other, Phyllis asks simple trivia questions and the players have to shout out their name when they think they know the answer. You can totally cut Phyllis off in the middle of the question if you think you know what she is going to ask, however, if you guess it wrong, Phyllis reads the entire question in full to your opponent! Wait for Phyllis to call on you before you give the answer, first person to two correct answers wins a prize! Thank you to Costa Vida for sponsoring the game!

Listener Zack played Listener Toni in a fun match!