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Greetings, my fellow intellectuals and fervent devotees of the arcane! It is with great pleasure that KBear 101, in conjunction with The Advocates Injury Attorneys, presents a momentous proclamation to all you music-loving geeks traversing the realms of sound and wonder. Prepare yourselves, for we bring forth an unprecedented opportunity to seize tickets to witness Skillet and Theory of a Deadman! Yes, my erudite friends, behold the magnificence that is the Ticketpalooza Jamboozle!
In order to attain eligibility for this monumental quest, we offer you not one, but two paths to embark upon. Firstly, delve into the depths of technological prowess by acquiring the illustrious KBear 101 application. Once accomplished, emerge from the recesses of your subterranean abodes and grace us with your presence as we gallivant through the city, awaiting your arrival.
Secondly, channel your inner sagacity and seize the opportunity to be the 20th caller at the distinguished number of 208-535-1015. Engage in a cerebral battle of wits by responding to a mind-boggling trivia question rooted in the annals of knowledge, intricately intertwined with the essence of these extraordinary musical ensembles.
The intricate tapestry of our live broadcasts can be found below.
Immerse yourself in the erudition of rock and nerd trivia, for it is through this scholarly pursuit that you shall seize the chance to partake in an epic nocturnal odyssey of resounding melodies, unparalleled exhilaration, and a cornucopia of nerdy revelry!
Alas, dear auditors, our time together has reached its precipice. Yet fear not, for the morrow holds promises of further nerdtastic tidings and updates regarding the marvel that is the Ticketpalooza Jamboozle. Until we meet again, embrace your inner nerd, remain steadfast in your dedication, and perpetually rock on with KBear 101 and The Advocates Injury Attorneys!
10/24/2023 5P-6P – Idaho Falls Greenbelt Bandshell
10/25/2023 5p-6p – Pocatello Caldwell Park
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