Viktor Wilt chats with Kevin and Nico from Electric Callboy

Viktor Wilt was joined by Nico Sallach and Kevin Ratajczak from Electric Callboy to talk the new album Tekkno, which drops 9/9/2022, and more!

0:00 – Was the band nervous when changing their frontman and releasing Hypa Hypa during the pandemic?

2:30 – How the writing process works, all music being self produced and engineered.

7:00 – Discussing the new single and video “Hurrikan”.

10:00 – One more new video and single to be released just prior to the Tekkno album dropping.

11:30 – Nico says that new unreleased track “Arrow Of Love” is the cheesiest song he has ever written.

13:00 – On the band putting in a lot of the work on their music videos themselves.

14:30 – On starting to incorporate more German lyrics into their new songs.

17:30 – On the band’s upcoming US tour and bringing their current production overseas.